The Nazarene Messianic Party

The Nazarene Messianic Party
12 Point Agenda

1. We believe the principle of the Biblical laws should be revisited and applied. The laws contained in the ancient writings (The Bible) should be taken from the shackles of the “local church” & modern theology and applied to all the governing bodies of the earth.

2. We believe that capitalism should be & will be abolished. Capitalism has ushered in ages of exploitation and oppression. Suffering and death, It has used technology to destroy the earth and the earth inhabitants, the air and water. Capitalism and it’s ‘mark’ must be destroyed. Rev.13 & Rev.18.

3. We want righteous education for the people, an educational system with truth & right as its foundation. We want an education that exposes the decadent nature of the American society and all the governing bodies who chooses to follow its lead and or the oppressive government pattern. We believe therefore that we should be free to educate our own children with Biblical& socialist/communist principles (non-violent). We must be educated also in how to provide and manufacture our necessities (what we need to live). We must be educated in holistic natural medicines for treatment and prevention of health problems. And we want freedom to establish a midwifery association to deliver our own children without dangerous drugs.

4. We believe that the Government/kingdom of righteousness will be established in the earth, we believe that each generation must do their part in building this kingdom which will usher in the ‘New Age’.

5. We believe that they who want to do righteousness within the socialist/communist gospel of Christ (Which is built on Love thy Neighbor as Messiah loved us) must have ‘land’ to live and build on. We must build a community which eliminates racial discrimination and social classes, and the injustice that accompanies the classes struggle. We must also eliminate poverty and exploitation.

6. We believe that “SALVATION”, “EQUITY” & justice in judgment will be found in the righteous community that will be formed.

7. We believe that a righteous community will be a dwelling for all who want to do right and have the affection to do right by each other, by loving thy neighbor as thyself.

8. We want decent housing fit for human beings, we believe that food shelter (housing) & clothing should be available to all the human family not just a wealthy few. We believe that we are our brother’s keeper. When we have a community of racial peace and equity with no one in the human family lacking then we will have a demonstration of God’s Kingdom on earth.( Acts 2:44-45 ; Acts 4:32- 37.)

9. We believe, we, who desire Justice & equity must not partake in the system of ‘capitalism’, nor should we labor to keep imperialist / capitalist systems of the world running & operating. We must separate and come out of this form of social system in order to find true peace & justice for the human family.

10. We believe that the socialism/communism of Jesus Christ must be taught , preached, & published in all the world, in prisons, health clinics community seminars etc. So mankind can have the choice of another alternative to the social system of capitalism/landlordism

11. We believe we should not partake in the educational institutions, grammar school’s, middle schools, colleges etc., which miss-educate the masses, promote capitalism and individualism. The education of the capitalist nations has caused a destructive mentality to come upon the people, and it has given birth to a social system which exploits and brings misery to the poor of the world. We should not fight nor encourage our children to fight in the armed forces/military of these oppressive nations. The aggression of these super power nations against the poor of the world is a great “EVIL” and the imperial oppressors have used the poor to war against each other, while the rich few rob the lands of its natural resources, thereby gaining strength to continue to oppress the poor who have fought for them.

12. We want to end the robbery by the capitalist of our poor communities, we must labor to take control of our own production by way of farming &industry we must have access to the natural resources (farming, farm land timber and animals etc.). We need to survive, freely. Thereby making progress in establishing the kingdom of God on this earth. (Isaiah 11)