God has revealed to us the value and importance of obtaining land. Land is not only the basis of mankind being able to properly sustain himself, but also land provides a pivotal role in providing affordable homes, employment and food to those inside and outside of our community. We have a vision of creating a self-sustaining community.

Acreage in NYS

Running Time: Seasonal (May-October)

Our Urban Community Gardens

In response to the dangers in chemically polluted produce as well as the high cost in organic fruits and vegetables, a community garden was established in the spring of 2004. Each season Knesset members and volunteers help turn over land, plant seeds and seedlings, and pull weeds in the garden. In harvest time our produce is both used for God’s Holy Festivals (Lev. 23) and distributed to members and families around the community. In the future we foresee owning farm land and raising animals. In 2008, The C.O.I. broke ground on two new lots, one shown here on Jefferson Avenue and another in Lockport. In 2009, many of our family homes started their own gardens which turned out to be a great success!
Vermicomposting, All three Community houses are now worm composting!