12 Point Agenda

1. We believe that the principles of the Biblical law should be revisited and applied. The laws contained in the Hebrew Bible, which is a record and national constitution of the 12 tribal confederacy of escaped slaves from colonial oppression, should be taken from the shackles of the “local church” & modern theology and applied to all the governing bodies of the earth.

2. We want an end to police brutality and corruption in law enforcement and wrongful imprisonment of human beings in a profit-driven prison industrial system. We want true justice in the judicial system, the courts, and prisons. We demand the abolition of privatization and exploitation of prison labor, driven by the profit motive.

3. We want free education for the people, from pre-K to higher learning, centered and based upon justice, truth, and equity. We demand an equal opportunity for all people to have access and availability to all forms of higher learning. We want education that exposes the decadent nature of all societies founded on injustice, inequality, and oppression.

4. We want free healthcare, a not-for-profit healthcare system. We want holistic natural medicine for the treatment and prevention of illness and disease. Want holistic health care and midwifery associations for the safety and well-being of pregnant and childbearing mothers. We want the elimination of all dangerous man-made pharmaceuticals and drugs from the healthcare system. We demand the replacement of dangerous allopathic man-made chemical drug “treatment” in the present “health care” industry with proper nutrition and holistic natural health care for treatment and prevention.

5. We believe that there will be global justice, a government for the people and by the people. Justice and equity will be established worldwide and as a result peace for all mankind. Each generation must do their part in fighting for, building, and laboring to bring about this concrete reality of this global society of JUSTICE, EQUITY & PEACE.

6. We believe that we must TEACH, PROCLAIM and ADVISE all, on the principles and processes that will bring about justice, equity, and peace (the reality of this good news will not happen on its own without human participation). The principles of justice must be taught in all the social institutions of science, music, art literature, etc. We demand a world that abolishes racial and gender discrimination, the removal of all social classes, poverty, and the exploitation of man over man.

7. We demand freedom and liberation for all the people of the world. We demand land, bread, clothing, housing, education, justice, and peace. We want community control over modern technology and development. This could only happen if the raw materials and resources of the earth are available to all as needed, therefore we demand the nationalization and equitable distribution of the means of production (land, food, factories, tools, equipment etc.)!!!

8. We demand that all human rights are free of charge, abolishing the profit motive of food, clothing, and shelter. We demand that human beings ought not to make profit off of other human beings’ needs. We demand decent housing, clothing with wholesome food, and proper nutrition as a human right free of charge for all.

9. We demand the abolition of the capitalist wage system, an institution of exploitation, plunder, of violence upon human beings, living creatures, and the earth’s resources. We demand an end to the robbery of the working class by capitalist owners. We demand all workers receive their “true” wages in its’ entirety and not merely a “minimum” wage or “living wage” that is set and determined by the capitalist ruling class.

10. We want an end to all war. We demand an end to imperialism, neo-imperialism, tyranny, dictatorships, and all forms of violence, oppression, and crimes committed upon the people of the globe, that inevitably bring misery to all nations.

11. We demand that militarism should not be endorsed, encouraged, or used to bribe our children in return for education and the ability to “earn” a living. We should not endorse a military-industrial complex or armed forces that perpetuate oppression upon the nations of peoples, that devastates the global poor, in which the impoverished masses receive the vast majority of casualties and are victims of senseless carnage and death for the profits of a small minority of filthy rich men.

12. We demand an end to an extractive economy and method of production. The extraction economy (a method of production by extraction of earth’s resources, that is destructive to all life and global ecosystems, and all who depend on them for sustainability and survival are threatened with extinction). We demand a living economy that will keep harmony and balance with the earth’s delicate ecosystems and create health and wellness for all living creatures on the earth. Thus providing for our necessities, we will not destroy life but will preserve it and sustain it forevermore.