The Power To Define

The power to define: the power to direct minds and conditions that will cause specific results in a struggle. The Power to define is as important as the power to control. In fact, the power to define is one of the greatest weapons that can be used to control men and nations.

The power to define freedom through the doctrines of the writers and interpreters of the kingdom of God cannot be placed in the hands of the any other than those Divinely inspired by God. God-inspired men and women must now seize and control the Power to Define. Prior to the emergence of the Kingdom of God, our enemies monopolized and manipulated our struggle and determined those results they deemed desirable for us. They defined God, salvation, religion, how to be saved, where we were going and how to get there. Your adversary defined the problem and the solution. Yet with the coming of Godly men and women, a new course has been charted to establish the New World Order.  When we say “New World Order,” we mean simply a new arrangement of life-style and purpose, being cycled back unto God and a life wherein Godly principles will rule supreme. You must restructure your mind in order that it many reorder your day, your purpose in God’s kingdom, and feelings toward your fellow man.

The order in which things are done may be playing havoc with your emotions, family, pleasures and health; for the order adhered today was established by men of evil purpose, who had no intentions of working in harmony with the creator or the created. They have disdained His cycles, rules and guidelines, and have not only cast them aside, but have attempted to destroy them altogether. These men were established by Satan to carry out his devilish plot against the Creator while attempting to supplant God as the supreme authority over the earth and its inhabitants.

The adversaries of God have convinced the world that they have the answers  and solutions, and that without them nothing can be done or accomplished, and if something is accomplished without the adversaries of God, it receives no credibility. It is rebuked, and the individual is scorned and mocked. Consequently, everything based upon truth and righteousness is rejected by the present order of things. This is why the righteous are ridiculed and blasphemed. Therefore, every thesis, invention, discovery or creation must first be submitted to the establishment for approval, and if it is based upon justice, thought, nature or the existence of another authority (God), it is immediately rejected. Not that it is not good, but it is not in accordance with the established order, which Satan dictates as the supreme authority. So when we say “New World Order,” we call into question the present order in which you do things and value things, from yourself to your friends, even your enemies; from your work hours, play hours, drinking ours, study hours, eating hours and rest hours. Everything in the present order of the things must be called into question.

How is it possible for you not to have noticed that the present order is not conducive for the creation of family stability, harmony, mutual trust, love, dedication, good health, and certainly not peace of mind, body, society, neighborhood or home? We must conclude that this world’s order is not ideal for the perpetuation of these principles, virtues or effects.

A new man with a new mind has been created, one who will not bow to the dictates of the system nor fear the threats of the adversary, but one who fears his God and loves his people enough to give his or her all to save them. It is time now for the righteous scribes who have been reborn and redeemed form the pits of hell to declare the good news that the Kingdom of God is come. It is time for them to take their rightful place as the new world definers, designers and interpreters of ideas and conditions that will be used to teach, govern and guide the New World Order to salvation, destroying the lies, distortions and influence of the old one. The New World definers are empowered with the ability to chart the course of a new World Order, because they have the sovereign right to name, rename, surname, even nickname every living thing. This right is encompassed in the Power to Define.

In the beginning of time, God bestowed this power upon the Sons of God but because of their distinct violations of His laws or instructions, they forfeited the right to the dominion and authority over God’s creation, wherefore the Power to Define descended to the adversaries of the Sons of God.

The Power to Define invested in the hands of the ungodly is terrifying. The defining of right as wrong and wrong is right is spiritual tyranny. I recall not too long ago an incident which serves to illustrate my point. A youthful-looking mother strolled into the dentist’s office with her son to have his tooth extracted, a tooth which had caused much havoc with his activities at home and studies at school. Moments after his tooth was extracted, she breathed a sight of relief. Yet, as the mother prepared to leave the dentist’s office, she attempted to relieve some of her son’s discomfort by giving him a large peppermint stick, adding quickly,  “you can’t eat this now, you’ll have to wait a while.”

There is no doubt that this mother desires excellent oral hygiene for her son, but someone had defined for her the “nice things” to give her child. This is a clear case of simply treating the effect while ignoring the cause. As a matter of fact all her responsibilities as a mother have been defined by the adversaries who desire that her child experience numerous trips to the doctor, dentist, psychiatrist and finally the grave. She, attuned to the fitting properly into the world of evil, meticulously follows these instructions and destroys her son’s teeth, thereby destroying his ability to masticate his food properly, causing poor digestion, poor elimination, sickness and death, the effects of awful things defined as ‘nice things” by the “powers that be.”

We have now arrived at a time in history when men who stand for God and Truth must manifest the spiritual courage to reexamine and redefine all things according to their relevant place and purpose in God’s plan. We must question every facet of existence under Euro-Gentile dominion. All things must be brought to the Sons of God as they were brought to Adam, for naming and renaming.

Who defined God as being European? Who defined angels as being women wearing nightgowns? Who defined heaven as a far-off place for the dead and hell as being beneath the ground? Who defined Satan as a body-less spirit? Are they not the same ones that sit in the seats of authority and government and say daily that they want peace as they manufacture all of the weapons to “protect the peace?” Are their ways the ways of peace or the ways of war?

Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood: their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity: wasting and destruction are in their paths.”

The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth herin shall not know peace.” -Isaiah 59:7,8

Have not these men yielded themselves to be servants of satanic principles of selfishness, greed, resentment, envy, competition, jealousy and hatred? These men, the warmongers, manufacture the weapons to feed the disordered systems, while continuing to rule the nations of the world. Those with the Power to Define have made God unreal. They have taken the people far from God and His ways of adverse standards and principles. They instill attitudes in the minds of the people that perpetuate evil and godlessness.

In the redefining of life under God and justice, men will clearly see that the arms race is an obstruction to peace and that armaments are a prelude to war. There has to be an end to the production of weapons of mass destruction. Man has to be taught the ways of peace, the most important of which will be the total disarming of the nations. The educational systems must be developed according to the “God Mind” to enhance life and truth. There has to be a return to lifestyles characterized by simplicity and righteousness, not militarism and destruction.

Modern spiritual worship or religion is also a fitting illustration of one of the devices that is meant to confuse or deceive the inhabitants of the world by making right seem wrong and wrong seem right. And as a result of false religion men are worshiping idols. The famous lie that is publicized by the inhabitants of America, is that a fat man will come down your hot chimney with gifts and toys, and deliver them to every home in the world in one night. But what they will not tell you is that Santa Clause is none other than the ancient pagan idol of the heathen, in the world of superstition he was known as the fire deity. Other fabrications taught by false religion is that rabbits lay eggs during the so-called Christian celebration of Easter, this is nothing but lies.

The whole world has been deceived. We have been persuaded to believe lies to the extent that our every breath publicly promote these falsehoods. Contemporary Christianity has contrarily designated the Kingdom of God as a mystical, remote place to which one, if he is righteous, ascends after death, when in fact, as it is written in St. Luke (17:20,21) Jesus proclaimed the Kingdom of God is within you; a righteous thought or plan that is perceived in the mind first. That is to say that first a picture is formed in the mind and in the final stage is made manifest or brought into existence by works or deeds. Thus, heaven is the reality of the righteous as they live, not a place for man while he is dead. A change of consciousness can and will bring about a change of environment. Hell came into existence when evil possessed the minds of men.

Heaven, though, is the manifestation of the Kingdom of God, where life is perpetual. Heaven is the love of one man for his neighbor, the actuality of family as God ordained it and peace for all peoples, harmony between nations. These are the attributes of a heavenly world as opposed to the hellish one in which we now live.

One must be courageous and holy bold to step out into the path of a world that is bent on a course of destruction and proclaim oneself a pioneer for its salvation. And now it is the time for workers of the Kingdom of God to go forth and continue in the building, and opening the prisons were so many are bound.


*Excerpts from “God, the Black man and the Truth” by Ben Ammi


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